Mr Shane Taylor

Computing Teacher
BSc(Hons) Information Systems with Business Management - Edge Hill University; PGCE - ICT Secondary; Duke of Edinburgh Supervisor(Bronze); BSAC Ocean Diver(20m); FA Coach - Level 1
Shane qualified as a teacher in 2004. Since then he has experienced and taught a wide range of students from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5. He has held a number of different managerial positions, working in different educational environments and met amazing people throughout his career. As the Director of Digital Technology and Learning and a secondary teacher delivering the ICT (now the Computing) curriculum, he has witnessed, within a short space of time, how digital technology has changed dramatically and how this impacts on schools, students, parents and more importantly, teaching and learning. Shane, who is now into his third year at BSKL along with his family, is thoroughly enjoying the challenges and opportunities that the school and Malaysia has to offer.