Dr Bruce Geddes

Head of Computing, Teacher i/c Timetable & Calendar Planning Coordinator
PhD in Cognitive Psychology (Durham); BSc in Psychology (Durham); PGCE - Secondary (Southampton); Dive Master; Various Management Qualifications
Bruce is a learning expert with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology specialising in learning theory. He started his career as a management consultant implementing large computing systems into many of the world's leading companies. He went on to specialise in corporate education, specifically in using technology to accelerate learning and led many global teams to this effect. Bruce then decided to bring his experiences to support school education leveraging his computing experience within industry. He has developed a software assessment and feedback system that provides personalised peer lesson learning goals to pupils. He has also developed a wide range of online learning resources to support his department’s teaching. Bruce has previously worked as a teacher in the UK, including as head of computing. He dramatically transformed results in this role leveraging his computing enabled teaching systems. Bruce also has a good understanding of what it is like to be a pupil in an international school, having attended one himself.