Misson and Philosophy

Our Mission
Our aim is to provide a sports programme that is based on enjoyment, effort and improvement. We believe in the development of the whole child and nurturing student-athletes to foster a ‘healthy active lifestyle’ philosophy. We also aim to promote a lifetime investment in sport and physical activity therefore, establishing a sporting ethos that is linked to and reflects the school’s inspirational guiding principles and meets the needs of all students.

BSKL Sport Values (derived from BSF values):
  • To motivate our students to explore their physical abilities and reach their potential.
  • To uphold and demonstrate the values of honesty, integrity and respect for others in sport.
  • To experience PE and sport in a challenging, enjoyable and secure environment.
  • To educate and encourage students to adopt healthy active lifestyles.
  • To support our teammates and develop team cohesion.

In short we would aim that our pupils enjoy their sporting experiences and they keep coming back for more!

Sporting philosophy
All students should have the opportunity to be selected for teams in various sports throughout their time at BSKL due to our ‘Sport for All’ philosphy. There will be multiple teams for our core sports who will have an even share of facilities, coaches and equipment. Sessions will start promptly, will be engaging (including the warm up which will be specific to the activity), there will be lots of physical activity taking place as opposed to teacher talk, and grouped to encourage challenge. We believe children learn more by doing, being encouraged to explore and make mistakes which they will learn from. We aim to spend the majority of the lesson with our students being physically active and enjoying themselves. In games lessons we aim to spend the majority of time playing games, prior to this there will be a skill or tactical focus which will be developed through conditioned, game specific tasks. Spending more time on games will increase activity levels, enjoyment and engagement. Games are chaotic and are played in an ever-changing environment and this should be reflected in practise.

Coaching Philosophy
BSKL’s coaching philosophy is continuously evolving; however, it is based around some core principles that our staff firmly believe in. We aim to provide pupils with opportunities and experiences, using a variety of methods to help individuals to achieve their personal sporting aspirations. Our vision is to create the best possible “secure, friendly and challenging” environment for our pupils, which in turn promotes enjoyment, effort and improvement. We believe in a player-centred approach to coaching which encourages pupils to think for themselves and helps to raise the individual’s self-awareness.

Within each sport, there are some fundamental techniques and skills that need to be mastered. Whilst promoting and highlighting these “non-negotiables”, we also aim to encourage individuality amongst our pupils, they must take risks and make mistakes in the right scenarios to develop when being physically active. Coaches at BSKL are encouraged to commit to internal and external professional development programmes in order to raise their self-awareness and develop their subject knowledge and coaching skills. All of our staff are regarded as high quality coaches.