Lions Sport and Academies

BSKL Lions
BSKL Lions Sport are teams which are selected from the highest performing students in a particular activity at a particular age. We have a ‘Sport for All’ policy at BSKL which gives all students an opportunity to train in our core sports. These clubs are not compulsory. There are teams for U9 (Year 4 and under), U11 (Year 5 & 6), U13 (Year 7 & 8), U15 (Year 9 & 10) and U18 (Year 11 & 12). The seasons are a term in duration and fixtures for each sport generally happen in these periods. Some clubs will run for an entire year. Fixtures and competitions are arranged against other schools for students to test their ability and skill in different contexts and environments.

BSKL are in three sports conferences including; KLISS (Kuala Lumpur International School Sport), ISAC (International School Athletic Conference) and FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia). Being members in these conferences ensures that there is regular competition for our students both locally and internationally. ISAC and KLISS are conferences which consists of other international schools in Kuala Lumpur whilst FOBISIA is comprised of schools in Asia where teams travel to other countries in the Asian continent to compete in Football, Basketball (U13 & U15 Games) or Tball (Primary Games), Athletics and Swimming.  

Trainings and fixtures
During season time there are at least 2 training sessions per week for each team or 1 training session and a fixture. Training sessions will be at lunchtimes or after school. When there is a fixture the training session will continue to run for the remainder of the squad who haven’t been selected. There will also be friendly fixtures for multiple teams vs other schools, not just competitions. From Monday to Thursday Clubs will run after school from 3.30-4.45 and Friday from 2-3.15. Fixture times will vary. 

It is essential that transport is arranged by parents for students to be picked up or register for the late bus by contacting Priya Mohanakrishnan.

All communications regarding Lions Sport will happen via the BSF Parent App regarding fixtures and training. Training will be recurring until the stated dates above. Teams will be selected from the training squads a week prior to competition and shared with parents. Please refer to the calendar in the BSF Parent App for more details regarding training and fixtures.  

BSKL Sports Academies
These are year long programmes at BSKL that run every term and utilise the expertise of our PE staff. They are outside of curriculum time and BSKL Lions Sports Club Hours. They are open to anyone and provide students further opportunities to develop in their favoured activities and sports. There are a wide range including: Badminton, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Rugby, Swimming and Trampolining. Please see the following link for further information and registration:

Sports Academies 2017 Information and Registration