School Houses

What are School Houses?
All students are allocated to one of four Houses when they join BSKL: Normans, Saxons, Romans and Vikings, with siblings being allocated to the same House. The Houses run across the Primary and Secondary school and students meet daily in their form group, which is also their House.

The House system is used to promote team identity and competition. Commendations and other competitions (sport, music, academic) contribute towards the Giles Duley House Cup, which is awarded at Prize Giving at the end of the academic year. The winners for the 2016/17 House Cup were Saxons. 

Each House supports a different charity and is run by a House Leader. Once a year each House has a designated week to raise money for their charity. The supported charities are as follows:

Why is the House system important?
The House system promotes the following qualities: 

  • Independence - Undertaking leadership roles and organising charity events
  • Teamwork and Leadership - Taking part in competitions, organising charity events and being part of the House leadership team
  • Self-discipline - Being rewarded for effort and time management (part of the commendation scheme)
  • Presence - Performing in assemblies and music House competitions
  • Awareness - Making a difference in the local community and the world around us
  • Decency - Supporting House charities
  • Courage - Being confident and ambitious

How can students help their House?

  • Put themselves forward for House positions
  • Earn more commendations towards their House total
  • Help during school events such as the Christmas Bazaar and Summer Fair
  • Visit the chosen charity to see how they can get involved
  • Participate in House sport, music, maths, science, art events and many more
  • Donate generously; money, books, toys, clothes, pet food
  • Get involved in House charity week