Year 10 visit HMS Sutherland

On Tuesday 12th June, BSKL took a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students to visit HMS Sutherland, a British Royal Navy frigate, docked in Port Klang as it nears the end of a 7 month tour of Asia and the Middle East.
Monday, June 18, 2018
Whilst the majority of the men were enjoying some rest and relaxation in KL, we were given a tour of the ship by two Young Officers. Ryan, Dan and Greg, all of whom are training Weapons Engineers, gave us a wonderful tour, taking in the giant 4.5 inch (11 centimetre) gun on the forecastle, the operations room and the bridge.
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Some students even got to sit in the seat usually occupied by the Officer in Charge and the Principal Warfare Officer. As well as learning about the weaponry and the military power of the frigate, our students found out about the role of the Royal Navy in humanitarian and peace-keeping work and in protecting the seaways through anti-piracy actions. There were lots of questions from BSKL students who were interested to find out about life on board the ship, qualifications and career opportunities, and the importance of safety and preventing incident on board ship.
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As we would expect, our young people were a credit to the school, showing a very high level of engagement and impeccable manners and behaviour. Their feedback about much they enjoyed and benefited from the opportunity was hugely positive. As well as the crew of the ship, who were so welcoming and informative, we would like to thank Helen Jennings of the British High Commission for the invitation and and Warrant Officer Lee Arnold of the Defence Liaison, who accompanied us.