U13 FOBISIA - Student Report

So after all the preparation events in Basketball, Football, Athletics and Swimming, we had finally reached the biggest event of the year, U13 Fobisia Games.
Friday, March 24, 2017

We were excited and ready for the event despite knowing it would be incredibly tough as we would be in one of the highest groups. Through the events we’d have early mornings and late nights but we wouldn’t let it stop us as we started our first day, with our events being Swimming in the morning and Athletics in the afternoon.

It was a (surprisingly) cool Wednesday morning as we reached the BSJ Swimming pool for our Swimming event. Our swimmers started with some warm up laps to get them prepared for the coming events. The day went on and the races rolled in, some of us did well, some of us didn’t do as well. We didn’t let the bad races get us down as we continued on through the morning. Our efforts were rewarded as we finished with a total of 327 points which gave us a well earned second place.

After our pleasing result in Swimming, the afternoon brought us to Athletics, the sun was coming out and we were playing under a blistering 40 degree sun. Despite the heat, we went on to start our field events getting an impressive 1st place in Girls Shot Put and 3rd with the Boys. We continued our impressive run achieving 1st and 2nd in Boys and Girls Discus. Things got interesting in the Discus event when Andy and Kaellen started battling each other for top spot. Andy threw a solid first place throw before Kaellen, given some helpful tips by Mr Thomson, beat Andy’s throw by a solid Meter, to the cheers of all supporters around. However, when we thought Kaellen had won the event, Andy threw an even further throw than Kaellen’s to reclaim the top spot. After all that had happened, the event finished in a solid 1-2 finish for our 2 BSKL Boys. An awesome result for us. Andy also earned a Gold medal in his Javelin event, beating all others with a spectacular throw to earn a deserved first place. During the rest of the Field events we maintained a high pace throughout the events, regularly achieving top 3 finishes and when we didn’t we made sure we put in a solid effort. Later on in the afternoon our Track events took center-stage. We started out with the longest race of the day, the 1500m race. It was a tough race with our boys and girls both taking a hard earned 4th place. Our sprint races followed soon afterwards where we earned 3 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal in our 100M races, earning a medal in each race which was a great achievement for us. We kept going forward continuing the solid flow of results. In our final races, the 4x75 relay was the event that had been practiced lots over the course of the day and when we reached the event we put the practice to work with the boys winning the event and the girls getting a great 3rd place. At the end of the day we were all tired and ready for some relaxation but not before we found out where we finished. Our final results for Athletics was a total of 329 points which also earned us Second place. With that we went back to our hotel got some sleep and were excited for the first team event of the tournament. Basketball.

The next day, after some well earned rest, was our Basketball tournament. Something we were all very excited for. With an early start and an early wake up we were all tired but ready for what was ahead. We got some practice in and were raring to go for our first game against Shrewsbury. We started the game well with some good defence and well earned points as we finished the half with a solid lead. We continued our good form into the second half again conceding as little as possible and ensuring we scored all the easy points that came our way. This tactic worked as we finished the game with a solid 25-14 win. The Girls, looking to get a good start did exactly that earning a 15-4 against their Shrewsbury opponents. With our pleasing result behind us, we looked to continue our run against the home favourites. BSJ.

With the crowd behind them and the chants for them deafening, we made a start against BSJ. Despite a slow start, dropping a couple of points, we bounced back to take the lead by the end of the first half. We knew it would be close as they played good defence and tried to exploit our ‘weak spots’. We didn’t let that happen as we played better offences and close defence to upset the home team and crowd to win 10-9. The girls also got an impressive result with “Lummo” hitting an amazing half court buzzer beater at halftime to increase their halftime lead. They won with a decisive 11-6 score against the same home team.

Our next game would be our most important yet, against the yet unbeaten team, BISS. We took a chance and put 2 of our quickest players on their best shooter, giving him a tough tie and not allowing him to get a shot. Despite our attempts we were down 9-0 at the end of the first half. We weren’t finished though, Mr Rudling gave us an inspiring team talk a half time and we went back onto the court. We had an inspirational 3rd quarter getting 4 baskets in a row to get us within 1 point of them. In the final quarter we went even more aggressive, this tactic didn’t work though. We lost a couple baskets ending our defensive run. We still knew that it wasn’t over, we decided that we would get into our best shooting positions and would try to score from there. In the end our comeback didn’t work out and we suffered a tough and hard fought loss 14-11. The girls, not looking to fall to the same fate played their best and got a deserved 10-7 victory. At lunchtime we had finished just over half of our games and were sitting in 2nd place with 9 points.

Following our lunch break our next game was against Tanglin of Singapore, who were in 5th with 4 points. We expected to beat them and we did just that, only suffering some small blips on the way to a 12-7 victory. The girls, wanting to continue their unbeaten streak fought valiantly but unfortunately ended up with a 12-7 loss, their first of the day.

With everyone tired and beating their way through the heat we turned up to our final game looking for one final win to finish our FOBISIA Basketball tournament, some of us our last U13 game. We didn’t disappoint, beating the last placed DBIS a convincing 17-7. Also the girls looking to do the same thing and did exactly that with a final score of 6-3 against the DBIS team. At the end of the day both Basketball teams finished in second place, an awesome result for our team. Pleased with our success over the day we returned to our hotel, went out and had some dinner, took part in some dancing and retired for the night ready for our next event, Football.

With our long day of Basketball behind us, we donned our football boots and took to the pitch for what would be our final event of our tournament. Our Football tournament. We were all excited and looking for a good result to finish off the trip. So after some warm-ups and kicking balls around we headed for our first match against Shrewsbury.

We weren’t sure how Shrewsbury would play as we had never seen them play before but we knew that if we played our game we could go on and win. We did exactly that, playing some good Football to go up 1-0 early on. As we were headed to halftime we made a couple mistakes that unfortunately lead to a goal for the opposition. At halftime it was one all. With our team talk behind us we knew we had to get into our rhythm and play our game. We kept up our attacks, played some great passes and in no time we were up 2-1. We played solid defense to hold our lead until the final whistle where we won 2-1. The girls, also looking for an ideal start against Shrewsbury, played their best yet a lucky goal cost them the lead and the match. They lost their first game 1-0.

Our next game would come against Tanglin, one of the best schools at the tournament, so we knew we had to get into a rhythm fast if we wanted to score some goals against them. We did exactly that scoring 2 quick goals with some amazing plays to have the lead at halftime. We knew they’d be chasing us down and would be pushing hard after the break but it didn’t affect us as we played together as a team to hold our lead and finish the game 2-0. The girls, looking to advance on from their previous defeat, played well and took chances but a goal scored by the Tanglin stopped them from getting a win. They finished the game with a 1-0 loss.

Coming off the back of our pleasing win, our next game would be against the home team. BSJ. We expected a challenge but also a win. We started strong, passing the ball well and giving the opposition a tough time and at half time we had reached a 1-0 lead. Without the crowd behind them BSJ struggled in the second half, allowing us to beat their defense and score a second goal. From then on we dominated the possession, keeping the ball and not allowing them to come near our goal. In the end the match finished 2-0 in our favour. The girls, trying to put their last two games behind them, went in confident and strong. Despite this BSJ capitalised on some small mistakes to score and eventually win the match. Unfortunately the girls lost the match 3-1.

As the lunch break came and passed we were confident that we could go on and win the tournament but before that, two teams stood in our way. DBIS and BISS.

DBIS was our next match on the list, we expected to win as they had lost all their matches until that point. We attacked and pushed through but they defended excellently, stopping our attacks and preventing us from shooting. But they couldn’t keep us down for long as in the second half we put together an awesome string of play to score our first and only goal of the match to give us the win and move us onto a 5 game winning streak. The girls on the other hand, trying to end their unlucky streak, gave it their all in the match against DBIS but they couldn’t get through, losing 3-1 in the end.

Our final game, and most important, came against the BISS side. The same side that beat us at Basketball, we didn’t let the past dwell on us as we started the game excited and ready to win. We started well, containing them to easy shots and mistaken passes but it went downhill from there. We let in an unlucky corner and then they scored a beautiful free-kick. At halftime we were down 2-0. We weren’t beaten though, we got a corner and scored off that only for it to be disallowed! After some arguments, the referee kept with his original decision which was unfortunate for us. Unhappy with the decision we let our guard down and conceded another goal. Our comeback efforts were helped when we were awarded a penalty. We converted it. But it was too late, we finished the game 3-1 and were confined to a disappointing but still brilliant second place. The girls, trying to get their first win of the night, tried their hardest yet were caught off guard and conceded a goal that left them 1-0 down. It remained that way for the rest of the match and they finished with a disappointing 1-0 loss to finish in 6th place.

With Sports over it was time for our Gala Dinner where we received our trophies and got to see photos of ourselves and our teams. We received 6 Trophies, for 2nd in Athletics, 2nd in Swimming, 2nd in Boys and Girls Basketball, 2nd in Boys Football and a special commemorative trophy.

We were all extremely proud of our results as we left the next morning. We knew we had done really well and we got the results that showed it. Our final results were 327 points in Swimming, 329 points in Athletics, 2nd place for Boys and Girls Basketball and 2nd and 6th for Boys and Girls Football.

A huge well done to everyone who competed in the events. Thank you Coaches who supported us through every minute of every day and thank you to all the Parents and Supporters who came to Jakarta to support all our teams, it gave us all a big boost. With FOBISIA over and the season of FOBISIA Sports over I guess it’s time to move on to the next events!

By Arun King, Year 8