Science week goes off with a bang!

For Science week, 2017, we have been putting our young minds to work to tackle the future’s problems, today.
Friday, March 24, 2017

Children were given a range of real world problems and had to use a mixture of science and engineering in order to develop a solution to it.

Everyone felt the electric atmosphere of experimentation, engineering and explosions! Whether it was designing, launching and adapting a rocket to get us to Mars in Year 5, or purifying water to help with the Global water shortage in Year 3, we have excelled with our scientific thinking and enquiry.

To start the week off, quite literally, with a bang, we had a fiery demonstration from Petrosains. They showed us combustion in many forms - from celebrating birthdays with Magnesium candles and fiery methane bubbles, to whoosh rockets blazing blue in the dark of our theatre! With every child up out of their seat, whooping for more, one couldn't fail to see our love for science here at BSKL.

We have also had some other fantastic parent visitors come in and speak with different year groups, inspiring them through their own amazing careers in Science. After hearing from Biomedical engineers, Geophysicists, and doctors, our children are looking forward to futures in the sciences.

A massive thanks goes to all of our speakers, our teachers for their commitment to the success of the week and particularly our students for their passion and inquisitiveness.

We are already looking forward to Science week, 2018!

Mr Meadows and Miss Janet