Primary FOBISIA Games 2017

Primary FOBISIA 2017 was hosted by Shrewsbury International School Bangkok on 6th - 10th June.
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Months of preparation from both coaches and students had gone into preparing the team for one of the calendar highlights of the year for BSKL's Primary Lions. 

The team didn't disappoint and performed outstandingly on their debut in the top tier of FOBISIA throughout the 3 days, adapting well to the new format of both Football and Tball. The team exceeded our expectations in many areas which was down to their hardwork in training throughout the year. A huge thank you to all of our supporters who travelled to cheer us on and coaches for all of the additonal hours they put into their respective teams throughout the year. Well done to all of the lucky students who were selected for the team for their achievements throughout the trip. Please see the reports for each individual sport below. 

Athletics Track - Mr Grant
The track athletes certainly did not disappoint with a medal haul of 39 out of 52 events including 19 gold, 13 silver, 7 bronze and a plethora of PB's. The overall placing including field was 4th, but BSKL certainly stole the show on track.

Athletics Field - Mr McAlister
After a strong showing on the track BSKL moved to the field events feeling confident. The standard of competition was extremely high. BSKL produced a number of strong individual performances in the field. The girls were unlucky not to pick up any golds medals but did recorded four silver medals; Ksenia Kuznetsova 2nd Triple Jump B (5.46m) and long jump C (3.30m), Skye Joung 2nd Triple Jump A (4.92), Kristina Weathers 2nd in shot put C (6.74) and Tynn Yi Tann 2nd Discus C (13.84).

The boys were more successful with six gold medals; Aiden Ling 1st Long Jump A (3.90m), Archie Gillies 1st Long Jump A (4.08), Alex Traerup 1st Triple Jump B (5.76m), Alejandro Fernandez 1st Triple Jump B (5.85), German Guerra 1st Javelin B (20.05m) and Joshua Bekink 1st Discus C (18.29m) all put in strong performances to finish in 1st place.

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Swimming - Mr Pearson
The students produced an outstanding performance in the pool far exceeding our initial expectations. The meet began with some very talented swimmers performing the 200m IM and displaying some exceptional swimming skills. BSKL picked up their game after the IM races and started gaining many podium finishes and more importantly team points. It was a real team performance with every student contributed towards our overall total. We finished the swimming meet with an overall third place finish which is a fantastic achievement!
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Boys Championship Team - Mr Grant: 
The team finished 4th overall, but finally received the test they have needed all year, playing in some enthralling matches. They displayed resilience and a high level of team and work ethic, particularly in the first game where they were 2-0 in the first 5 minutes. They rallied an fought back, displaying all the qualities that had earned them a reputation as a team who play the game the right way. I could not have asked for more and have never been more proud.

Boys Cup Team - Mr Thomson
The boys Cup team played very well as a team during the competition. They worked hard in both attack and defence, scored some excellent goals on the whole played extremely well. They didn't concede until the final game against British School of Jakarta which helped them to win the cup and gold medal. The attacking play of Aaron, Russo, Wesley and Tyler was exceptional at times, whilst the organisation and bravery in defence from Thomas, Michele, Nate, Abdulracman, Emosi and Joshua was a solid platform to build from. The team enjoyed the competition on the final day at FOBISIA and played some brilliant football. Well done to all the players and coaching staffing involved including Mr Grant and Mr Jeff. 
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Girls Championship Team - Miss Marshall:
On a hot and tiring day at the end of a fantastic week, the girls played their hearts out for each other and for BSKL. The standard of competition was exceptionally high and the girls battled hard in every single game, improving with each performance. Every single player made a huge contribution to the team, from Sofia sweeping everything up and commanding the defence, Zoey Tan's amazing work rate to Domenica's bravery and confidence in goal. Every match was a thrilling and end to end encounter and most games were won or lost with 1 goal difference. After 1 win and 4 narrow losses, the girls finished in 5th position. The focus of the day was to give 100% effort, maintain positive attitudes, never give up and the girls should all be so proud of the way they represented themselves both on and off the pitch. This team are an absolute dream to work with and have made both myself and Miss Massey extremely proud. 

Girls Cup Team - Miss Massey:
The girls B team played with great spirit throughout the tournament, and it was a pleasure to coach them throughout the day! They worked hard, tried their best and most importantly had lots of fun. The Girls finished in fifth place, but we were all extremely pleased with the performance they gave! They played some of the best football they had done all season, and they should be very proud of themselves! It wouldn’t be fair of me to comment on any single stand out performances, because each and everyone of the girls gave 100%. Well done!

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Mr Pearson:
The T-ball Championship team entered this competition unbeaten and playing some spectacular T-Ball. Their biggest obstacle this year has been their own composure on the field and having confidence in their exceptional skills. After a solid start the team went on to successfully win the FOBISIA T-ball Championship and remain unbeaten. Every student made some contribution throughout the day of competition and nearly every other coach commented on the amazing standard of our fielding skills. I am incredibaly proud of what this team has achieved and their attitude towards training - well done all!

Mr Thomson:
The Tball Cup team got off to a shaky start and were a bit nervous n the first innings vs British School Shanghai but did manage to come back very strong in the second innings to tie the game. The team played extremely well when fielding, stand out fielders includes Daniel, Tyler, Manon and Aaron who imposed themselves on every game and closed the gaps really well to restrict teams scoring. We batted well at times, all students contacted the bar and scored runs throughout the day. There was incredibly close games and the team was unlucky to just miss out on the medals by a point. A huge well done for all of your efforts throughout the day. 

Miss Massey:
The TBall plate team played fantastically this year at FOBISIA! They worked extremely well as a team and supported each other throughout the long and tiring day! It was great to see them all working hard on the pitch, and focusing on playing the best game of Tee Ball that they could. We were extremely unlucky to finish in fourth place, but I could not have asked for anymore from each member of the team. They made great progress throughout the day, and it was great to see their confidence grow. I must make a special mention to Wesley, who was our last batter throughout the tournament. Even under pressure Wesley managed to make some phenomenal hits, and scored us some crucial runs! Well done!

Mr Hulme:
Congratulations to the T-Ball Bowl Team for winning GOLD! They started the day with a tremendous performance against BISS Puxi. It was by far the best they had played all year and I was thrilled to see them put in such a great performance when it mattered. Their next two matches were a bit tougher and the team came away with a loss against Discovery Bay and a draw with Shrewsbury. With two games remaining we knew we needed wins to stand a chance of a medal. The team raised their efforts against Tanglin and Jakarta to win the games and earn first place. A special mention must go to Emosi, Russo and Nate for tremendous hitting and consistently bringing their teammates home. Well done to the whole team! 
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