Movember Madness

Sporting specially designed BSKL Movember Madness house T-shirts, children, staff and adults brought a new look to Movember.
Friday, December 1, 2017
The Teacher Sports Day proved to be a memorable event with 40 teachers prepared to showcase their competitiveness in some classic well-known races. With moustaches in hand, the teams raced against each other as they completed a circuit of balancing the egg and spoon, co-ordinating three-legged racing, jumping in sacks and navigating obstacles. To the delight of all, the next race involved dressing a live mannequin. Sparkling wigs, flippers, hats and unforgettable green sparkly shorts added a new dimension to 2 their sprinting. It was a sight to behold; I had tears of laughter trickling down my face as did many of the spectators watching from the sidelines.
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All cheered as Mr Myles, Mr Stewart, Mr Pearson and Mr Moore flexed their muscles for the welly throwing contest. With hilarious commentary from Mr Bradshaw, Mr Myles threw a ‘skimmer - better on water than on land’; Mr Stewart’s welly flew way off line as he aimed for the pool, before Mr Pearson showed the way with an Olympian discus-like throw followed by a great effort from Mr Moore. The final race was a competitive relay that ebbed and flowed as moustaches were dropped amidst fierce house rivalry. The final placings were decided by a tug of war with all of the teachers putting in final concerted effort. In the end, it was the Saxons who came out winners beating the Vikings into second, followed by the Normans and Romans.
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We enjoyed great parental support with tombola, cakes and second uniform stalls all adding to the occasion in raising money for cancer charities. A particular thanks to Rachel Gillies, Rachael Garnett and Sally King for their tireless support. The BSKL community spirit was there for all to see. Also thanks to the brains behind the madness, Mr Aaron and Mr Callum, who along with Miss Toni and Mrs Pearson ensured a great time was had by all for a very worthwhile cause.