Little Shop of Horrors

Over 50 students from years 7-12 were involved in this year's secondary production Little Shop of Horrors.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
The show was a massive success (tickets sold out) and was the first major collaboration between the Drama, Art and Music departments. 
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The role of Seymour was played by two different actors on two different nights: Year 12 student Cam Neoh gave an outstanding performance the first night and Tim Borgeaud, in Year 9, gave a wonderfully charismatic performance the second night. Elle Rushby's (Year 12) sensitive, and yet extremely funny, performance as Audrey brought tears of joy to the audience's eyes and Kevin Choy (Year 9) gave a stellar performance as Mushnik. Evan Sverdlov (Year 8) was wonderfully evil and hilarious as the sadistic dentist, Orin, and Philine Van Kranenburg (Year 7), Aira Azri (Year 8), Clara Kim (Year 11) Audrey Au Yang (Year 12), Charlotte Chew (Year 12) and Marella Porraz (Year 8) were wonderfully sassy in their portrayals of the Ronnettes. Irina Rafil (Year 12) demonstrated stunning vocal gymnastics in her operatic performance as Orin's mother and her jazz/soul singing as the voice of the Plant.
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Many other students from years 7-12 gave focused and fluid performances in supporting roles, played in the band and supported Head of Art, Stephen Abery, with the construction of the set and Audrey 2 puppets.