Hari Raya

After the Hari Raya long weekend, it was fitting that Hari Raya was celebrated at BSKL in style.
Friday, June 22, 2018
All enjoyed the students re-telling a traditional tale - taking us into the world of Magika to showcase their Bahasa skills. All were entertained by the beautiful, well-choreographed dancing and traditional music and singing.
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The audience was very appreciative enjoying the humour and the staging of this year’s special assembly. With both primary and secondary taking part, there was a great deal of preparation and organisation. Many thanks to our Bahasa team - Cikgu Arswini, Cikgu Husna, Cikgu Norazila and Cikgu Mohd Izzet - for delivering a real cultural treat.
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Hari Raya 2018