It is unusual to find penguins in the tropical climes of Malaysia however an appreciative audience were very glad to follow the trail to the BSKL theatre.
Monday, June 11, 2018

Our Early Years children were excited at the opportunity to re-tell the story of how ‘Eddie and the Penguins Saved the World’. Entertaining all, the children gave clear advice on how everyone can help stop the ice melting. Given their young age, their movement around the stage was splendid and all enjoyed their energetic and enthusiastic singing of some very catchy songs.
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It is impressive that children so young can carry convey a challenging environmental message. For many it may have been the first time they had performed or spoken in front of an audience. There is no doubting our Early Years children are ‘really cool!’.
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Many thanks to the Early Years team for all their care and nurturing, in particular, Mrs Aziz for her direction. Also thanks to our talented music department who banded together to provide the musical accompaniment and Charlotte Leng, in particular, for her musical orchestration.

The costumes were magnificent - many thanks to all the parents who supported the performance and were the perfect audience.


Eddie And The Penguins Save The Day