The Everest Challenge

The Everest Challenge was presented to Year 9 and Year 12 on Wednesday, 21 February in two 1:50 minute sessions.
Monday, March 5, 2018
Led by Everest Summiteer Robert Anderson, he took the teams visually up Everest, via a new route, culminating in a final ascent to the summit by the first British person to ascend Everest without oxygen.

The talk included two interactive team activities, passing slings around the group to simulate the complexity and importance of planning, preparation and teamwork. The second activity, using communication skills, experience, and in some cases, unexpected challenges with equipment, immersed the teams in quickly pitching and dismantling tents, accomplished to the backdrop of a rapidly approaching storm.

Everest was used as a metaphor for the challenge and changes we all face. It actively and personally engaged each participant in working with fellow team members, demonstrated the importance of being resilient and the value of perseverance, coupled with an appreciation for the life-long learning that will help accomplish any goal, no matter how high.