Disaster-Fund Lunch

Last Friday was the Secondary School's first ever Disaster-Fund lunch, an event that was designed to raise awareness for those that are less fortunate around the world and who do not have the luxury of choosing different food options.
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Thank you so much to Sodexo who worked on a lower budget, taking away the choice we normally have and served a wholesome, delicious tomato and bean soup with bread! The limited choice on the day gave all out students time to reflect on how lucky we are to have the opportunity to eat a variety of meal options. Cooking a limited option also meant that the canteen produced less waste, which reduced the amount of food sent to landfill.
Over RM3000 was saved which'll now go towards the Red Cross, one of the official actors in helping the UN Disaster Relief campaign. This will help provide food and other much needed essentials in Syria, Yemen and other countries impacted by warfare and conflict. A further thanks must go to Sodexo for contributing a further RM1000 to this worthy cause.