Chinese New Year

With a splash of red decorating the entire school, the scene was set for our Chinese New Year celebrations. BSKL always enjoys celebrating in style and, this year, was no exception.
Monday, February 19, 2018

The primary performance brought to life the seasons interlinked by confident narration: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Showcasing the children’s Mandarin skills, different year groups all had a part to play. 

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All enjoyed hearing the children recite a range of poems by heart in Mandarin, as well as some lively and enthusiastic singing.

Chinese customs and culture were clearly in evidence in a number of cleverly choreographed dances. Year 2 blossomed during, ‘Full Moon, Gorgeous Flowers’ whilst year 3 beat chopsticks rhythmically during their performance of traditional Mongolian dance. In year 4, the children showed off their kung fu moves as well as a beautiful dance with fans.
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The year 5 dance, ‘A Torch in Winter’, was a real hit and the year 6 peacock dance delighted all with its memorising movements.
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Showcasing Chinese traditions and culture, it was a lovely to see children playing the Guzheng, alongside our Mandarin teachers. This unique instrument, also known as a Chinese zither, has more than a 2,500 year old history, and a beautiful way to listen to a Yimeng folk song.
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It was wonderful to see every year group contribute from Early Years to year 6; with over 500 primary children taking part, it was an epic performance. Assembling a performance on this scale takes a lot of care and thoughtful planning. 

This year secondary presented the legends of "Tiangou eating sun" by combining various performances that bring out the essence of Chinese culture. 
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The various performances included recitation of Confucius and Three Characters (San Zi Jing), traditional dances, Kungfu fan, Thousand Hands Guanyin, traditional Chinese instrument Guzheng and also the highly anticipated Chinese drumming. It was wonderful to see more than 180 KS3 students participated in this yearly event. 
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Thank you to our creative and talented Mandarin team for brining in the Year of the Dog in spectacular style! 

Please go to our Facebook page to view more photos from the CNY celebrations and watch the full performances below.

Primary Chinese New Year Production
Secondary Chinese New Year Production