Art in the Environment

This year's Primary Art Week had the theme of 'Art in the Environment'.
Monday, May 15, 2017

Art was to the fore with the children collaborating on number of creative, largescale projects, as well as individual pieces of artwork.

Early Years ventured up to the nearby New Camp to either collect or photograph leaves. In Pre Nursery/ Nursery, the children selected the photos they had taken on the iPads to create their own Pic College. These are now on display in the shape of a tree. Individually, the children have also been using the leaves to create other paintings as well as clay tiles, and have painted their own Van Gogh style flowers. Similarly, in Reception, the children have been using natural materials to create mini-beasts or spiral designs.

Megan Coyle was the inspiration for year 1 children. The children researched the artist finding out all about her collage technique, 'Painting with Paper'. Using only scissors, glue sticks and magazine strips, the children made their 'Dinosaur in the City' collages look more like paintings by focusing on the colour and texture, just like Megan Coyle herself! Year 1 were also very excited to collaborate on designing and making their own huge dinosaur, inspired by this term's topic. Yet to be named, and made from recycled materials, using different textures, it is a sight to behold - perhaps dinosaurs are not extinct after all!

Year 2's trip to the KL Bird Park sparked some imaginative artwork. Focusing on different types of birds, the children individually created their own birds using recycled materials. Collaboratively, they have also been working on felting projects, using the dry felting technique to create two brightly coloured tropical birds.

In year 3, they have been focusing on Andy Goldsworthy, a well known environmental artist, who uses natural objects to create his artwork and then photographs each piece. They also took a trip to the New Camp to find natural objects for their own Andy Goldsworthystyle pieces. Using recycled plastic bottles,  year 3 have also collaborated to good effect to sculpt their own flower chair. 'Art in Nature' has been the focus for year 4. After experimenting with watercolours on acrylic paint, they also decorated their own leaf art. These have now been hung on a 'tree' for a colourful overall effect.

Year 4 also collaborated on another design based on the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky's famous work, 'Squares with Concentric Circles'. Led by art specialist, Sinead Harris, the year 4 children made their own concentric circles from felt, practising their sewing skills to add buttons. Creating their own Kandinsky Tree, year 4 combined their concentric circle designs and added buttons in similar style to decorate the tree. The overall effect is stunning.

Year 5 looked at the works of fashion designer, Marina De Bris, before designing their own 'Trashion' from recycled materials. All enjoyed the opportunity to parade their fashion wear down the 'catwalk'. Year 5 have also collaborated on another recycled project using bottle tops to create a large scale picture of Earth. Thinking very carefully how to use the bottle tops to good effect, the children have been using their problem solving skills to create visual impact.

British sculptor, Tony Cragg's recycled art was the focus for year 6; exploring the way he uses colour families and discarded, plastic household objects to give both impressionistic charm to his pieces - bold from far away , intricate and detailed from up close. The children created their own individualistic artwork as well as a joint year 6 piece which all looked wonderful.