The Art and Science Mystery Plays

On Thursday 21st June, Year 8 and 9 students - along with Year 10 Drama students performed Chris Lambert’s Art and Science Mystery Plays in various venues around the BSKL campus.
Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Art Mystery Plays were especially commissioned for BSKL and were given their world premier performances in front of the whole Secondary School and parents of Year 8 and 9. In addition, three Year 10 scientists flexed their dramatic muscles and supported Mr. Dunkin in performing a play, written by Mr. Dunkin especially for the event, about Dr. Hennig Brand: the discoverer of the element phosphorus.
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Year 8 students performed the Art Mystery plays and told the stories of Dali, Da Vinci, Klein and Warhol. Each class studied the work of their respective artist in Art lessons and were guided by Mrs Thomson and Mrs Needham in creating incredible installations of 2D and 3D work to enhance their performances. The “Oooo”s and “Ahh”s emitted from audience members as they entered the spaces provided wonderful starts to each group’s piece.

Year 9 and the (I)GCSE Year 10 students performed the Science Mysteries. As well as being entertaining, these performances educated audiences about key developments and discoveries in science. 9A taught us about the development of the electric light, 9B explored human endeavours to fly, 9C gave us the story of the dentist and pioneer in the use of anaesthesia, Horace Wells and 9D explored the life of Charles Darwin. Year 10, along with Mr. Kendall, performed a funny and moving play about Marie Curie, the first person to win a Nobel Prize twice.
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In the spirit of the Medieval Mystery Play, audiences promenaded between performances. Eight audience groups each witnessed five performances each. Whilst each audience had a completely different experience, all groups were unanimous in their enjoyment of their afternoon. Many commented on how much they had learned and how confidently and engagingly the students had performed. It was a wonderful first experience of a public performance for many students and a fantastic way for students in Year 9 (especially those who have not opted for (I)GCSE next year) to end their KS3 Drama experience.