Music overview

Whole class instrumental music lessons provide every child with the opportunity to discover and learn an instrument they enjoy. Individual lessons are also provided during the school day for children who wish to make faster progress on their chosen instrument. Children receive one hour of curriculum music and one hour of instrumental music lessons per week.

Early Years Music Programme
From Early Years, children are introduced to music and its various aspects through playing, singing and moving in two sessions a week lasting 30 minutes. Each child also has the opportunity to begin to play simple musical instruments and through a very practical approach begin to understand fundamental aspects of music such as rhythm and harmony.

Primary Instrumental Programme
All children from Year 2 to Year 6 follow the Primary Instrumental Programme, designed to develop each child’s understanding and appreciation of music. Each child’s musical experience is built up through learning to play an orchestral stringed instrument from Year 2 to Year 4 and a woodwind or brass instrument from Year 5 to Year 6.

Secondary Instrumental Programme
Students from Year 7 to Year 9 will receive one hour a week of instrumental tuition, in small groups covering the whole range of orchestral and brass band instruments. Students will be guided in their choice of instruments depending on their experience as part of the Primary Instrumental Programme and their particular area of interest. These lessons will be taught by specialist tutors and will further support the performance aspect of music at IGCSE and A Level.

School Choir
We have three school choirs who frequently perform at school events throughout the year. For many children, singing is their preferred form of musical expression. For others, it is a useful complement to their instrumental training.

Instrumental Scheme
Children with a greater interest in music are encouraged to join the Instrumental Music Programme (IMPs) in which they receive individual music lessons once a week, on a rotational timetable, in their chosen instrument by a specialist teacher.