News & Events

Our libraries organise and host a series of events throughout the year, such as author visits, lectures and charity awareness weeks.

This year (2017/18) we have the following events planned:
  • September: National European Languages Day and National Poetry Day: a joint poetry competition in the imagist style, written in one of the European Languages.
  • October: Diwali Week Celebrations: rangoli and creativity in the library.
  • November: a week of workshops with Nasa photographer, Bryn Barnard.
  • December: Christmas bags, stories and Christmas tree book drive for the visits to the local refugee centres.
  • January: Fobisia Short Story Competition: Watch. COBIS Poetry Competition: Through a Looking Glass.
  • February: Love is in the Air! Blind Date with a Book. Chinese New Year featuring activities to welcome the Year of the Dog and the element of the Earth.
  • March: Fobisia online competition: Word Mania. Science Week debates.
  • April: A journalist will help students to write articles for World Student News.
  • May: Spelling Bee and Novel Knockout, Novel Knockout Titles 2018 and Rules of Novel Knockout. Find out about our annual reading competition here. This year, it is being hosted by BSKL.
  • June: Hari Raya, a celebration of Sufism in the library and visit to the Islamic Arts museum in collaboration with the History Department.