Teaching and Learning Styles

We aim to blend the traditional with the modern, using a variety of methods such as direct, audio-lingual, communicative and autonomous. Teaching will be conducted, as far as is appropriate, in the target language and all four attainment targets are practised in each lesson.

A variety of resources is used in order to deliver the curriculum so as to fulfil each student’s individual needs as far as possible. These resources include audiovisual (DVDs, YouTube videos, computers, laptops, IWBs), audio-lingual (CDs, language assistants, songs, videos), printed materials (various textbooks, authentic materials, worksheets) and orals stimulants (games, puzzles, crosswords, tongue twisters).

It is widely recognised that each teacher brings to the lesson his/her own personality and style. We aim to recognise and meet the individual learning requirements of all students, so that each student achieves his or her full potential.