Ethos and Aims

We develop our students ability to;

1. Communicate freely and confidently in a foreign language
2. Listen and understand a language as spoken by a native speaker, both in detailed and gist comprehension
3. Understand written messages in a foreign language
4. Write simple but clear messages in the foreign language using a variety of tenses where applicable
5. Gain an understanding of another culture
6. Develop favourable attitudes towards learning:

  • We recognise that rewards gained through success develop confidence and breed further success
  • Through role-play exercises students may say more than they are linguistically able to, and so strive to reach higher standards
  • Students are motivated by lively up-to-date material

7. Foster attitudes and develop skills, which can have vocational relevance:

  • Learning something completely new
  • Learning to communicate, to understand others, developing the ability to get on with them
  • Assimilating new information and dealing with it quickly and efficiently
  • Decoding and understanding written and spoken instructions
  • Self-discipline; learning to work under stress and deal systematically with difficulties
  • Perseverance; coping with a cumulative subject over several years, displaying reliability and seeing long term goals