Enrichment Activities

We offer a number of activities within our enrichment programme to help enhance language learning, such as attending a French cooking class, putting on a show for a Chinese New Year assembly or eating at a Spanish tapas restaurant. These activities may take place during the school day, as an after school club or as a weekend trip.

In addition to the four main languages (Mandarin, French, Spanish and Bahasa), students have the opportunity to learn another language, such as Japanese or German. At BSKL we are very lucky to have a diverse teaching workforce where such languages are available.

Our students also take part in various competitions, both in-house and international, such as the Language Perfect competition – a popular online learning language site for schools across the world.

These enrichment activities aim to approach the varying interests of our students and to enhance the learning taking place in the classroom. They are interactive and impart knowledge, but more importantly they are fun!