SATs Results 2014/15

At BSKL we strive for pastoral and academic excellence. Children in the Primary school are assessed regularly over the course of a school year. We use a range of assessments to build a picture of each child’s strengths and areas for development. These include teacher assessments, written tests and standardised tests. 

At the end of year six children take National Curriculum Tests (NCTs) known as SATs. The Mathematics, Reading and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation tests are marked externally by the UK approved test centre (UKESS). 

The British Government states that the average Year 6 Student should achieve a level 4 in NCTs. Children can achieve up to a level 5 on the tests, those who achieve level 5 are working approximately two years beyond their chronological age. Our particularly able students also had the opportunity to take level 6 tests, the level of attainment expected at the end of year nine.

As in past years, BSKL results compare favourably against UK and international averages. 

Overall Results:

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Key Stage Two Results:
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Children that attained level 6 across all subjects:
  • Ee Jenn Lee
  • Mae Chew
  • Claire Han 
  • Meryl Lim
Key Stage One Results

Children in Year Two also sit National Curriculum Tests. These are designed to inform an overall teacher assessment judgment at the end of term three. Our teachers engage in formal moderation meetings to secure and agree their judgments. 

Level two is the UK Nationally recognised expectation at the end of Year Two. Some children will exceed this and attain a level three. Similarly, some children will attain a level one, which is just below the expected standard.

Year Two Results

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