SATs Results 2013/14

At BSKL we recognise outstanding Academic performance. SATs results for 2014 continue to demonstrate the high quality of learning taking place in our classrooms. Teaching and learning at BKSL is never aimed at "Teaching to the Tests". It is the quality of our teachers and the constant challenge and differentiation in lessons that allows our students to achieve great success.

Across the UK the children are tested at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The Year 2 tests are marked internally and carefully moderated by our teaching staff.

Year 6 Maths, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests are sent to the UK to be externally marked by the UK approved test centre (UKESS).

BSKL - KS1 SATS Results 2014
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BSKL - KS2 SATS Results 2014
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Please note
: Level 5 totals shown include the total for students achieving a Level 6 (also shown separately). Grammar section shown in above table includes Punctation and Spelling.

BSKL - KS2 SATS Results 2014 by Gender
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Please note:
 Grammar section shown in above table also includes Punctation and Spelling.

Below is a list of KS2 children that achieved a level 5 and/or 6 in 2013-14 SATs examinations:

All Level 6 (SATs)
Kayeon Kim
Tiffany Chin

All Level 5 (SATs)
Zachary Aldian Djanin
Raymond Ikeyi
Steyn Hoving
Rohan Agarwal
Noe Maurer
Ivan Ng
Ivan Yeoh Kai Zhen
Dinesh Lingam
Darren Brandt
Chloe Tan
Benjamin Kuan